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Reiki Attunements level 1 and 2 , weekend attendance.

Reiki Master Degree 3-5 days on request

‘Love Yourself Enough to Heal Your Life’ , based on the teachings of Louise Hay. Ingrid Belder trained with Louise in San Diego. A weekend workshop is a great way to find confidence and healing.

The Emotional Freedom Technique . This changes painful perceptions with the use of positive affirmations and taps into the meridian system used in Acupuncture. By involving not just the mind bur also the stored memories physically full release is possible.

The Metamorphic Technique . A technique developed from Reflexology working on the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and occiput. Deeply relaxing and transforming.

For more details on any of these courses please ring Queen Street Consulting Rooms on 01229 586000 and ask to speak to Ingrid Belder.

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